Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Kory and the Fireflies RibFest 2014

Summer is heating up! Why not soak it up with some ribs at the 17th Annual RibFest in Sioux Falls, South Dakota?

That's exactly what we did! With our brand new traveling red tent, we got to rub shoulders with the likes of Kory and the Fireflies!

Not only that, we displayed our beautiful Northern Firelights Patio Fireplace Table with the reflective glass and LED light kit. The fire looks like it stretches on forever! We used a standard 20 lb. LP tank, but if you wanted to run a gas line to the fireplace you could avoid using a tank.  If natural gas is available in your area the fireplace can be converted with one of our conversion kits.

Join us next time for the 4th of July in Arnolds Park, Iowa. Where we will, once again, sponsor Kory and the Fireflies, who play right before the big fireworks show! We will be playing bean bag toss, and handing out prizes for all ages. Not only that, you will get to see our patio fireplaces in action, ON STAGE, right along next to Kory and the band!

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