Monday, July 27, 2015

Where will the Fireplace be Installed?

Adding a fireplace to your home offers multiple benefits. For example, it adds value to your home and makes your residence more enticing to homebuyers when you decide to sell your home. Fireplaces also create comfort and add architectural vitality to the home. However, you may not know where to start when it comes to shopping for the perfect fireplace. One of the most important factors to consider early on is where your fireplace should be installed.

Two Options
If you currently have a wood burning fireplace in your house, you may choose to convert this fireplace to gas. This means you will need to shop for a fireplace insert. Meanwhile, if your home does not have a wood burning fireplace, you’ll need to shop for what is known as a gas fireplace.

Fireplace Insert
Fireplace inserts are placed inside existing fireplaces. Kozy Heat offers gas fireplace inserts featuring many advantages. For instance, these inserts are an efficient home-heating solution. Traditional fireplaces usually have efficiency ratings of about 5 to 10 percent. However, fireplace inserts create slow-burning fires that generate more heat, which can result in an efficiency rating of 65-80 percent. Inserts also come with glass doors that are insulated and self-cleaning, so you can conveniently and safely watch your new flames.

Inserts are extremely easy to install and use. Installing an insert simply involves setting up a new gas line to the existing wood burning fireplace. This allows you to freely enjoy a relaxing, warm fire simply by pushing a button. In addition, installing a fireplace insert is a lot less costly than totally remodeling your house to make room for a new fireplace.

Gas Fireplace

A gas fireplace by Kozy Heat is ideal to add to a new-construction home or when you are renovating an older home. These fireplaces can go just about anywhere to make your home more attractive and inviting. You have the option of having a gas fireplace installed on a flat wall, in corners or elevated. The experts at Kozy Heat can help you determine the best location to install your new fireplace.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Contemporary Gas Fireplace Inserts Provide Several Benefits

When it comes to heating your home, contemporary gas fireplace inserts offer a range of advantages over their old-fashioned wood-burning counterparts. An insert fits into an existing wood fireplace or even an existing gas fireplace that is vented with a traditional masonry chimney.

Perks of Contemporary Gas Fireplace Inserts
All you have to do to enjoy a fire with a gas fireplace insert is flip a switch. That’s what makes gas fireplace inserts so appealing. You can enjoy the look and feel of real flames without having to stack firewood or clean out ashes. You can also look forward to saving on your utility bills. An insert may help you cut heating bills by up to 40 percent, depending on several factors such as your normal fuel costs, your ceiling’s height, your home insulation’s R-value, the layout of your home and your climate.

More Benefits
A gas fireplace insert is convenient to use in either a prefab fireplace or masonry fireplace. Inserts also do not require much maintenance outside of a yearly checkup of between $75 and $125. These inserts are best to use for zone heating. You can simply turn up your fireplace’s gas and lower your thermostat throughout the rest of the house. Fireplace inserts furthermore are known for their efficiency. They are capable of burning with an efficiency rating of 65% to 99%, meaning that little smoke or pollution is generated. You won’t have to clean up any creosote or ash when using fireplace inserts.

Capacity and Other Information
A fireplace insert heats between 1,000 to about 3,000 square feet, depending on the size of the unit. As a provider of contemporary gas fireplace inserts, we at Kozy Heat Fireplaces can answer any questions you have about an existing fireplace’s size and the particular heating capacity that can be expected from a new insert. The right unit can save you from the cold in addition to saving your wallet.

At Kozy Heat Fireplaces, we offer quality contemporary gas fireplace inserts that can add both comfort and beauty to your living space. Contact us today.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A Wood Burning Fireplace Provides Several Practical Benefits

Wood fireplaces remain a hugely popular way to heat rooms in homes and even businesses for multiple reasons. Few things are more charming than watching the blaze in a zero clearance wood burning fireplace dance. As the warmth from the fire breaks through the chill, you may begin to feel the concerns melt away, much like the marshmallows in a mug of hot chocolate. It is not surprising that studies show watching a fire triggers relaxation.  

Wood Burning Fireplace Benefits
A chief advantage of a zero clearance wood burning fireplace is that it is less expensive to use than a gas fireplace. You can simply buy wood for your fireplace from a home improvement or hardware store, or you can cut down a tree in the woods and use it for fuel. In addition, many homeowners enjoy hearing the crackle and snap of logs that are heating up, and they love a wood fire’s pleasant aroma. Wood fireplaces provide not only heat but also a unique experience that no other type of fireplace can duplicate.

Another Benefit
Another advantage of a zero clearance wood fireplace from a company such as Kozy Heat Fireplaces is the fact that the source of fuel – the logs – come from a replenishing energy source. All trees that are cut down for firewood can eventually be replaced by new trees.

Wood Fireplace Tips and Additional Information
Maintaining your zero clearance wood burning fireplace properly will keep its benefits steady. First, it is wise to have a chimney sweep done and your fireplace inspected every year. In between these cleanings and inspections, be sure to monitor your fireplace for any signs of problems as well as the buildup of creosote - a dark substance that accumulates if wood does not burn completely. When possible, it is also beneficial to burn hardwoods such as birch, ash, oak and maple, which typically produce less creosote.

Last, be sure your chimney cap, designed to prevent animals such as birds from entering your chimney, is inspected on a regular basis. By taking care of your fireplace, you can enjoy an aesthetically pleasing and functional source of heat year after year.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Modern Gas Fireplace Inserts are a Clean Way to Warm Your Home

Modern Gas Fireplace Inserts are a Clean Way to Warm Your Home

Imagine sitting in the living room with your loved ones, feeling cozy on a cold winter night. On one side is your spouse or your kids drinking hot cider, and on the other side is a breathtaking fire with a glow that makes you feel more at home and snug than you have felt all year. Modern gas fireplace inserts are a convenient way to achieve this comfortable atmosphere in your home in light of the potentially harsh winter months ahead.

Benefits of Modern Gas Fireplace Inserts
One of the main benefits of modern gas fireplace inserts is they eliminate the need to gather up the wood you would need in a traditional wood fireplace. Since you are not burning wood, you also won’t have to absorb high amounts of smoke accumulating inside your home. Inserts help to maintain your indoor air quality and keep your house cleaner.

Additional Benefits
Another benefit of inserts for a modern fireplace is that they are ideal for consumers who are energy-conscious. Fuel prices are constantly changing, but inserts help you save money in the long run. If your heating bill is a little more than $600 a year on average, for example, you can expect yearly savings of between $64 and $255 if you don’t keep your thermostat too high and if your home has zoned heating.

Some of the most popular brands of gas fireplace inserts we offer include many different selections with our Chaska and Jordan series. Features to look for in your inserts are the availability of refractory brick lining, masonry refractory and black enamel refractory as well as high-quality glass with a lifetime warranty. Our products are also rated highly for their annual fuel utilization efficiency, which is a measure of the thermally efficiency of the equipment.

Kozy Heat Fireplaces, a reputable provider of modern gas fireplace inserts, can help you select the product that best meets your home’s unique needs. With a burner that is engineer-designed and an entire unit that is factory-tested for safety, you can rest assured that your entire family will remain comfortable and cozy during the upcoming winter seasons.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lights, Camera, Action! The New Chaska 34 and Chaska 335S Fireplace Photo Shoot!

Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at an exclusive Kozy Heat fireplace photo shoot? Look no further! I was able to get behind the scenes and deliver all the details!
Our models, the Chaska 34 insert and the Chaska 335S were no divas and were ready to rock the camera all day!

The team that made this all possible was our graphic designer from Woolverton, Anji and our photographer from F8 Creative, Chris. But it wouldn't have gone as smoothly as it did without our in-house Kozy Heat employees, Nick and Nate, the quality control guys, and our marketing ladies, Liz and Heather.

The Chaska 34 Insert went through many "wardrobe" changes through-out our six hour photo shoot. Many of these wardrobe changes included the many different fronts that you can add on to your fireplace, and the different medias (glass, rock, and log burner set) you can have inside your Chaska 34. We wanted to show case them all!

And the fronts are not all the things you can customize. If you like a more contemporary look, you can have the Chaska 34 come with glass beads. You have a choice of five different colors of glass in your fireplace. Here we have displayed the copper glass.
Want to feel like you are on the beach? Have the Chaska 34 with rock. And of course, if you want your Chaska 34 to look like your old wood fireplace? You can get the log set.

Stay tuned for when the new Chaska 34 insert comes to your area. Find and contact your dealer located nearest to you.

You can find your closest dealer at  and any other details at

*The Chaska Series are gas fireplace inserts to replace your old wood burning fireplace. 

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Three Generations Now at Kozy Heat

Four decades ago, in December of 1976, Dudley Hussong built his first fireplace in his shop outside of the town of Lakefield, MN to keep warm. Soon after, a farmer came along, asked Dudley to build a fireplace, just like Dudley had in his shop, for his new house he was building. The rest is history!
Dudley's son, Jim, was working at Kozy Heat as a child doing everything from pushing a broom to cutting parts. He went to Jackson Vocational Technical School, for marketing, for a year. Upon returning, he was hired full time in customer service, sales, and marketing.
Today, Jim's two daughters, Heather and Hannah Hussong, have started at the family business as full time employees! They both agree that they are finally in the job fields that they both enjoy, working together to continue the family tradition.
Hannah, a University of Iowa graduate, became part of the team in May 2013. She works in the engineering department writing technical manuals.
Heather, a University of Northern Iowa graduate, started  in May 2014, as the new marketing manager.
They have both have worked part time in the summers on and off since high school. But now as full time employees, Heather states, "This is what we grew up on, basically this has been our families' livelihood and now its
my dream job"

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Kory and the Fireflies RibFest 2014

Summer is heating up! Why not soak it up with some ribs at the 17th Annual RibFest in Sioux Falls, South Dakota?

That's exactly what we did! With our brand new traveling red tent, we got to rub shoulders with the likes of Kory and the Fireflies!

Not only that, we displayed our beautiful Northern Firelights Patio Fireplace Table with the reflective glass and LED light kit. The fire looks like it stretches on forever! We used a standard 20 lb. LP tank, but if you wanted to run a gas line to the fireplace you could avoid using a tank.  If natural gas is available in your area the fireplace can be converted with one of our conversion kits.

Join us next time for the 4th of July in Arnolds Park, Iowa. Where we will, once again, sponsor Kory and the Fireflies, who play right before the big fireworks show! We will be playing bean bag toss, and handing out prizes for all ages. Not only that, you will get to see our patio fireplaces in action, ON STAGE, right along next to Kory and the band!